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TTMaker 2.0
IncubatorX – Cross-Platform Startup Hub


TTMaker is the first entrepreneurial coaching and incubation space in Taiwan. It combines creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The transformation into IncubatorX (an expanded incubator and accelerator modal) enables entrepreneurial teams to connect with Taitung and enhance the value of different industries, such as tourism, agriculture, culture, education, social welfare, etc. Open Taitung was derived as part of TTMaker 2.0 - IncubatorX and based on the premise of public good. Various possibilities for entrepreneurship arise to provide a path for Taitung to develop into a smart city with diversified industries and sustainable living.


TTMaker was first established in cooperation with National Taitung University in 2016 at the Taitung City campus. Due to limited space and expiration of the contract, the County Government sought a facility for relocation. Successfully obtaining NTD$51.5 million in funding from the Council of Indigenous Peoples allowed TTMaker to resettle on the second floor of Taitung Indigenous Cultural and Creative Industries Park (TTICC). This provided Makers and indigenous artists a shared space for cross-disciplinary cooperation and facilitated a conduit to stimulate creativity.


TTMaker provides a 600 m² multifunctional space with industrial-style interior design. It demonstrates the spirit and concept of co-creation and sharing. Encapsulating the vision of “Startups by the Pacific Ocean,” TTMaker provides services such as Maker shared space, entrepreneurial tutoring, and startup subsidies. Boasting the slogan, “Indigenous Culture & Innovation Come Together, Art & Culture Soar Together,” TTMaker expects to gather experts in various fields, entrepreneurs, and makers who can actuate their creative ideas and build a new Silicon Valley in Taitung. The flexible space is suitable for a plethora of activities such as TED Talks, conferences, and forums. A variety of lectures, workshops, and exhibitions have already utilized this space as the event venue. TTMaker has become a representative of the innovation energy and future hope of Eastern Taiwan.


TTMaker officially began operating in October 2017. It was awarded the Smart City and Innovation Award by Executive Yuan that year. Moreover, TTMaker 2.0 was launched in June 2019, expanding the incubator and accelerator model into a cross-platform startup hub - IncubatorX. Priority is placed on Makers connecting their work to Taitung City. When a Maker proposes a startup idea that is relevant to Taitung, they can utilize all the available resources at TTMaker. Emphasis is placed on “public good” in order to create a sustainable life in Taitung. Unlike other incubator platforms, TTMaker is based on a 4-tier structural mechanism: Incubate, Support, Educate, Build.


Makers who participate in the program are provided with lectures and tutoring from industry professionals. In addition, they are connected with Taitung Big Data for the development of innovative applications that provides access to local market trends and the continuation of new application creation. Entering the fourth terms of operation, more than 85 teams are supported  by TTMaker ,and 22 teams are recruited this year 2021. 


They are on their way to manifesting their dream of constructing a successful startup by the Pacific Ocean.

Propelling dreams with TTMaker 2.0 - IncubatorX
April Yao(饒慶鈴)

head of Taitung County